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(reviews older than 2018 were deleted during site redesign):

Suburban horror is revealed in ‘The Dark End of the Street’

Dave Franco’s horror debut ‘The Rental’ has a killer view but not enough character

‘Underwater’ (2020) eventually rises to the surface as worthwhile, deep-sea horror

Published Elsewhere (older to newer):

Queer Horror DEVIL’S PATH Is a Twisted Tale that Takes a While to Wind Up (NOFS)

Netflix’s THE ORDER Summons a Bit of Magic In Spite of a Familiar Premise (NOFS)

THE HAUNTING OF SHARON TATE is More Misconceived Than Haunting (NOFS)

Dennis Quaid Steals the Show in THE INTRUDER (NOFS)

Season One of THE SOCIETY is RIVERDALE Meets Lord of the Flies (NOFS)

Shudder Welcomes Home The Grand Goriness of Creature-Feature BOAR (NOFS)

BLACK MIRROR SEASON 5 is a Triple-Feature of Techno Dystopian Turmoil That’s Par For the Course (NOFS)

The Game is Far From Over in Hulu’s LIGHT AS A FEATHER Season 2, Part 1 (NOFS)

Vampy Queer Horror BIT Stakes a Claim in Feminism and Transgender Inclusion (NOFS)

EXTRACURRICULAR Proves High School Can Be Murder (NOFS)

Blumhouse’s FANTASY ISLAND (2020) is No Sweet, Sweet Fantasy, Baby (NOFS)

BRAHMS: THE BOY II Is All Dolled Up With Nowhere To Go (NOFS)

THE HUNT Moves In For The Kill But Can’t Quite Make The Shot (NOFS)

Found-Footage Movie MURDER DEATH KOREATOWN is A Disturbing Documentation of Paranoid Descent (NOFS)

THE JACK IN THE BOX Cranks Out a Scary Clown But Never Thinks Outside Its Own Box (NOFS)

Supernatural Cop Horror BODY CAM Finds Mary J. Blige Haunted by More Than Just Personal Demons (NOFS)

SURVIVE THE NIGHT Finds Bruce Willis in a Deadly If Not Familiar Home Invasion Thriller (NOFS)

THE VICE GUIDE TO BIGFOOT is a Monster of a Mockumentary Well Worth Seeking Out (NOFS)

Home Intruders Pick the Wrong BECKY to Mess With (NOFS)

Horror Anthology SCARE PACKAGE is Made With Lifelong Horror Fans in Mind (NOFS)

The TWILIGHT ZONE Reboot’s Second Season Improves on the First’s Weaknesses (NOFS)

DEEP BLUE SEA 3 Doesn’t Hold A Fin To The Original, But Blows The Last Sequel Out of the Water (NOFS)

A Crocodile Makes a Meal of Spelunkers in BLACK WATER: ABYSS (NOFS)

MONSTROUS is An Unconventional Yet Worthwhile Bigfoot Horror Movie (NOFS)

HUNTED is An Allegorical Tale of Survival From Big Bad Wolves (NOFS)

John Hsu’s Video-Game-Based DETENTION Reimagines Taiwan’s White Terror as Fantasy Horror (NOFS)

Natasha Kermani’s LUCKY is An Uncommon Slice of Perceptive Horror (NOFS)

Megan Fox Battles a Ferocious Lion in Action-Thriller ROGUE (NOFS)

GET DUKED! is A Satirical British Horror That Takes Shots at the Generational Gap (NOFS)

Cosmic Terror and Ecological Horror Surface in THE BLOCK ISLAND SOUND (NOFS)

A Sinister Homecoming Awaits in Bryan Bertino’s THE DARK AND THE WICKED (NOFS)

RENT-A-PAL Visualizes Loneliness in a Terrifying Way (NOFS)

THE LAST LAUGH Has A Good Setup But Can’t Quite Pull Off The Delivery (NOFS)

Netflix Thriller THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME is A Hell of A Vengeance Tale (NOFS)

Escape Room Thriller NO ESCAPE Illustrates The False Reality of Social Media (NOFS)

Retrospectives Published Elsewhere:

A Teenage Voyeur’s Grief Leads to Suburban Scares in ‘Disturbia’ (Bloody Disgusting)

Surviving Childhood and a Plastic Nightmare in Psychological Horror ‘Pin’ (Bloody Disgusting)

R. L. Stine Explored Childcare Horror in Classic Young Adult Novel Series ‘The Babysitter’ (Bloody Disgusting)

Betrayal Swims to the Surface in Larry Fessenden’s Creature Feature ‘Beneath’ (Bloody Disgusting)

‘Joy Ride’ Is a Modern Classic in Road Trip Horror (Bloody Disgusting)

‘Stir of Echoes’ is an Affecting Ghost Story with an Incredible Kevin Bacon Performance (Bloody Disgusting)

Gory Witch Slasher SUPERSTITION (1982) Casts a Deadly Spell (NOFS)


A Road Paved in Blood: Revisiting The Remake of THE HITCHER (2007) (NOFS)

Japanese ’80s Slasher EVIL DEAD TRAP Is a Benchmark in Transgressive Horror History (NOFS)

Stan Winston’s PUMPKINHEAD Turns Southern Gothic Tragedy Into a Vengeful Demon (NOFS)