[Retro] Monsters: 1.05 My Zombie Lover

On one night of the year, in one little town, the dead leave their graves. They roam the night in search of something to eat. Until the day ends, it's up to the citizens to quell their numbers. As Dottie's parents and brother participate in the annual hunt, she's visited by an old classmate—Paul. Much to Dottie's horror, her peer is now one of the very things she's been raised to fear.

[Retro] Monsters: 1.03 New York Honey

When a man learns his upstairs neighbor is harvesting the most delicious honey he's ever tasted, he blackmails him into making more so he can sell it himself. He then becomes enamored with the mysterious woman who's suddenly living in the beekeeper's apartment.

[Retro] Monsters: 1.01 The Feverman

A desperate father brings his sick daughter to a feverman, a type of alternative doctor whose methods are highly unorthodox, to say the least. The father's colleague, a medically trained doctor, is skeptical until he realizes the girl's malady isn't natural—it's supernatural.

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